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About STAR

Why Star

Why Star

STAR Reimagined: We invite you to rethink STAR as we, the 2023 Board of Directors, reimagines STAR.

Historically, STAR has been a Stenograph, LLC Users Group where members, predominantly court reporting practitioners and agency owners, come together to network and learn about the latest Stenograph offerings.

As this 2023 Board looks forward, we see the need to respond to industry changes that affect a much broader group of individuals and demand a change of vision. 

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Why Star?

Expanded Membership: Programs like Basic Training and A to Z are wonderfully exposing young people to a career in steno reporting to prospective students, and STAR will continue to support those efforts by opening the membership to students and schools. We believe Steno will remain strong for the foreseeable future and that those who master the skills will continue to be in high demand. We also know that attrition continues to challenge the steno industry. As we ask ourselves what will inspire the next generation of reporters to come into our industry with confidence, we believe the answer is building industry strength through community and collaboration across all methods. STAR membership is now open to reporters from all sectors of reporting: steno, voice, and digital.

Renewed Commitment: STAR will provide agencies and practitioners with a forum to meet, network, collaborate and learn about the latest technologies and evolving business strategies. Our commitment is to deliver content that is valuable and relevant, to engage members through more interactive sessions during conferences and other activities, and to bring resources together that help all members build better practices, better businesses, and better futures. We invite you to renew your commitment to STAR as we navigate this evolving industry together!

The STAR Plan: STAR will remain a Stenograph Users Group. The new direction for STAR is bold and future-focused as STAR and Stenograph will:

• Launch the latest Stenograph innovations only at our annual STARtech conference

• Discount designated Stenograph product costs to STAR members

• Lower gate fees for conferences to make participation more affordable

• Extend membership to agency owners, steno reporters, digital reporters, voice writers, videographers, educators, students, and other industry stakeholders

• Collaborate and network among all members, new and established, so all voices are heard and everyone is made to feel included

• Include leadership from all industry sectors to develop a well-rounded source of expertise and perspective on our committees and as we develop educational content

• Promote varied educational tracks at conferences and through webinars across all industry sectors by leading experts to ensure topics are relevant and actionable

• Connect reporters and firms with resources (students, educators, technology, and services) to support business development in digital reporting and other service lines

This decade, we write the future of court reporting.

Stenograph | Technology | Agencies | Reporters

Champions for the Court Reporting Industry

STAR is committed to discovering the similarities between the various disciplines and how we are moving forward as a group of professionals capturing the most accurate and timely record of legal testimony, no matter the method of capture.

Guiding Principles

STAR provides:

  • A safe environment that promotes diversity of opinions and strategic thought.
  • A positive, inclusive, and respectful environment.
  • Access to today’s best available technology.
  • Education about the latest technology across all speech-to-text methods.
  • Diverse leadership that represents all stakeholders.


STAR members enjoy a range of benefits, from networking and educational opportunities to members-only discount savings on commonly used products in the profession.

Visit our Join STAR page for more information on the benefits of membership.



STAR Membership

STAR provides its members with extensive training, educational resources, networking events, AND access to the latest Stenograph technologies.

Together, STAR and Stenograph have created a community that will empower all members to better themselves professionally and keep their businesses profitable and successful.

As a STAR member, you’ll have access to expert guidance and advice from experienced court reporting professionals across a range of topic areas. It’s like having your own personal board of advisors!

STAR Membership Includes:

From Day One, You’ll Enjoy
These Core Member Benefits

  • Networking & Communications
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Technology & Security
  • Members-Only Product Discounts
  • Stenograph Certified Training Agents