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Welcome to the STAR In Focus podcast, where we are building a bridge to the future of court reporting! Listen and learn from industry leaders about valuable and relevant industry topics, including where the industry is headed and why inclusion of all methods of reporting is key to building a strong and sustainable industry.

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Chris is a Registered Diplomate Reporter, Certified Realtime Reporter, and Certified Realtime Captioner. Chris currently works as Vice President of Acquisition Strategy and Court Reporter Relations at Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC. She has served as president for both the National Court Reporters Association and the Wisconsin Court Reporters Association and was awarded the WCRA Distinguished Service Award. Chris has played an active role in advocacy to external stakeholders and promotion of the stenographic profession.

STAR in Focus - Episode 2


STAR in Focus host, Deanna Oaks, speaks with Chris Willette from Esquire Deposition Solutions about her court reporting career, mentorship of fellow court reporters, and her love of the profession.