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Welcome to the STAR In Focus podcast, where we are building a bridge to the future of court reporting! Listen and learn from industry leaders about valuable and relevant industry topics, including where the industry is headed and why inclusion of all methods of reporting is key to building a strong and sustainable industry.

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Anir Dutta is President of Stenograph LLC. He has a passion for transforming businesses by optimizing talent, processes, and technology to create long-term value. His international career spans more than twenty years working in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe in leadership roles focused on Management, Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Operations. Throughout his career, he has always focused on creating value through the strategic use of technology, innovation, and change management. As a business leader, he strives to create organizations with a transformative culture based on the philosophy of Ubuntu-empathy, collaboration, respect, and accountability. Communicating with clarity, developing people, and celebrating success are at the core of the principles by which he leads.

STAR in Focus - Episode 3


STAR in Focus host, Deanna Oaks,  speaks with Stenograph President, Anir Dutta, about the role of technology in the court reporting industry.