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Welcome to the STAR In Focus podcast, where we are building a bridge to the future of court reporting! Listen and learn from industry leaders about valuable and relevant industry topics, including where the industry is headed and why inclusion of all methods of reporting is key to building a strong and sustainable industry.

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GUEST - Marybeth Burke-Dring

Marybeth Burke-Dring was born and raised in South Jersey before going to college in North Jersey and graduating from Montclair State University in 1994.

While in college she worked on and off in her father’s court reporting and transcription firm before going to work in the fashion industry in New York. After a couple of years working in New York she returned home realizing that the electronic reporting industry and the people in it were a much better fit for her.

In 2002 Ms. Burke-Dring took over as the General Manger of Burke Court Reporting Company, which was closed out a year later when she founded her own company Burke Court Reporting, LLC. Then in 2018 the name was changed to Burke Court Reporting & Transcription to reflect the amount of transcribing that is currently being prepared.

Over the course of her career, she has worked on and held municipal, state, and federal contracts. Having started in reporting when cassette tapes were still being used on both analog and four channel machines, she has not only transitioned over to digital, but has helped numerous reporters and transcribers transition over to digital reporting as well.

Ms. Burke-Dring has done so much to help those reporters and transcribers in the past including serving as AAERT treasurer for two years, editing the current BPG, working closely with another board member to finalize the AAERT policies and procedures, and being a part of the current DCR certification task force.

Her current goal is to work with AAERT and the Board to be able to continue to help both reporters and transcribers not only in her own organization, but in others as well.

STAR in Focus - Episode 4


STAR in Focus host, Deanna Oaks, speaks with Marybeth Burke-Dring, owner of Burke Court Reporting & Transcription. Marybeth Burke-Dring shares insights learned from running her business – Live from the AAERT Convention 2023.