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Welcome to the STAR In Focus podcast, where we are building a bridge to the future of court reporting! Listen and learn from industry leaders about valuable and relevant industry topics, including where the industry is headed and why inclusion of all methods of reporting is key to building a strong and sustainable industry.

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GUEST - Bonnie Torrez

Bonnie Torrez is a Certified Electronic Transcriber and Proofreader.  In 2015, she started looking into transcription for something to do from home. She ended up helping a friend with a post-doctorate fellowship project, which gave her about six months of experience. Bonnie then applied and received a contract with a general transcription company.

About six months later, she found a company who would train her in legal, which is what she really wanted to do. She started proofing a few years later, and  just kept growing in her knowledge and skills. Bonnie received her CET and CER from AAERT in 2020.

In 2020 through mid-2021, she worked as a quality analyst team lead where she proofed and trained others how to do legal transcription. She also learned about the production/procurement side, and started to get more into reporting.

Since then, Bonnie has done some consulting work for training and building templates. She continues to grow her knowledge on working with ASR and building more features into her templates to help streamline her work. This industry has allowed her to work as much or as little as she desires while also staying home and homeschooling her kids. Bonnie is so thankful that she found it!

STAR in Focus - Episode 5


STAR in Focus host, Deanna Oaks, speaks with Bonnie Torrez about audio transcription – Live from the AAERT Convention 2023.