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It’s 2023, and we’re off and running!  Your STAR board has been busy laying the groundwork for a broad transformation of STAR — and of our industry as a whole. STAR and its members have long been the trailblazers and forward thinkers of our industry. We are not afraid of change; instead, we embrace it!  I’m excited to share with you how we’re shaking things up.

First, we’re hard at work on an overhaul of our website so it fulfills its purpose as a comprehensive resource for professionals of all kinds to learn and interact with each other. Our education committee has been charged with developing continuing education opportunities that are relevant for today’s court reporting professional. Our membership and communication committees will expand our outreach to members by creating informative and interesting blogs, podcasts, and Facebook live events; the technology committee will evaluate the latest technologies to benefit our everyday work lives. 

New… dynamic… innovative… informative… interesting – those are STAR’s watchwords! 

STAR is on a mission to address the industry as a whole, inclusive of reporting professionals of all capture methods.  We seek a positive, collaborative environment that encourages open discussion, learning from each other, and building the future we want for our industry together. 

STAR has always been cutting-edge, an alliance of forward-looking professionals focused on a core question:  How can we do things better?  If technology is the answer, we embrace it. If new skills or services are required, we deploy them.  We set the state of the art!  

So I challenge you: How can you do things better?  How can you transform the way you do business? STAR membership gives you access to the tools and networks you need to build your brand and expand your business exponentially.  New technologies?  You’ll experience them here first.  Best practices?  You’ll learn about them here.  Members of STAR have no time for negativity; we’re busy building the future!

You won’t want to miss our next conference October 20-21, a virtual event jampacked with timely and exciting seminar topics. Then we’ll go live in April 2024 with a STAR-studded in-person conference!  We have heard our members’ feedback and are excited to announce reduced registration fees for upcoming STAR conferences to make STAR events even more accessible and affordable for you.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and network with colleagues!  

Come join us and participate in the exciting transformation of STAR and our industry.  We can’t do it without you!  Happy New Year, everyone!